Pioneer Magnetics- Power supplies from 1KW to 10KW single and multiple output. N+1 redundancy and rack hot swappable.

N2Power-   125w, 160w power supplies in a 3" x 5" format. Single to quad output. . A 275w 3"x5" with N+1 redundancy and I2C. 375w 3"x5" with N+1

Power System technology- Mil Spec power supplies and DC/DC converters for Aerospace, Military, Industrial and Telecom. Custom design and off the shelf.

Chanel Well - 1U server type ATX power supply up to 1000W.

DeeVan- Power Desktop Adapters up to 60w. Wall Adapters up to 30w.

Cincon- Power adapter up to 100w, DC/DC up to 150w, open frame power supplies up to 200w.


FEAS Power Supply, DIN rail power supplies, ASi Power Supply, Buffered power supply, 19"-Power Supply (single output, 19"-Power Supply (dual output), Power Supply for Distribution Panels, Special Protected Power Supply, DC-UPS, DC-buffer module, DC-DC Converters, EMC-Filters, Solid state relay, Relay couplers, Optocouplers, Functional modules Transformers

SD  Electronics-  Custom machined parts and heat sinks. Off shore production with aerospace quality.