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Resonant Power Technology is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high technology medical grade switching power supplies. In 1985, the founders of RPT began their work towards developing the first commercially available, off-line, series resonant switching power supply. Series resonance provided the highly reliable product essential for the low leakage current and CISPR 11 Class B EMI performance requirements of patient contact medical applications. In addition, this unique topology can safely generate significant surge currents on the order of twice their nominally rated output.

Resonant Circuit Sinusoidal Current Waveform
Typical Unit Performance Against VDE Class B Limits
12 Volt output Noise Waveform

Performance Characteristics
  • Medical Electronics equipment demands reliable, compliant, well made, cost effective and innovative power sources.

  • Resonant Power Technology's series resonant topology offers a number of performance advantages. Switching sinusoidal currents at the zero cross-over point eliminates the peak switching stress, typically in the multiple kilowatt region, experienced by pulse width modulated products. Very low switching stress combined with inherent peak current limiting and thermal limiting circuitry results in a power converter whose durability exceeds that indicated by calculated MTBFs in excess of 150,000 hours as demonstrated by its 0.3% field return rate. RPT's products have been specifically designed for the medical electronics industry using premium quality components, derated conservatively, thereby enhancing the reliability of its power supplies.

  • As in our standard RPM series, each of Resonant Power Technology's medical grade products is certified to the most stringent international safety and emission standards, i.e. UL 2601/60950, CSA 601.1/950, EN 60601.1/60950, CISPR 11 Class B and is eligible to bear the European mark. Our RPF and RTM series are compliant with the 2001 European Medical Directive for line harmonics, EN61000-3-2. In addition, our RPF, RTM, and RBF series of products offers EN60601.1 Type BF and CF floating applied part isolation.

  • Resonant Power Technology manufactures all of its products in ISO 9001 certified, FDA approved facilities to the more rigorous IPC610 Class III workmanship standard.

  • Our RSM series offers our customers cost effective 40 to 65 Watt ac/dc converters conservatively designed but targeted at applications where cost is a major consideration.

  • When size and weight are serious design parameters, RPT's RHD series offers 4 Watt/cubic inch power density for medical grade, patient contact applications.

  • When it comes to medical grade power conversion, from 40W to 600W, Resonant Power Technology is the place to satisfy your requirement.

Input Specifications
Input Voltage Range 90-264 Vac
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
Input Protection internal fuse
Inrush Current Limit:
40-600 Watts (117Vac/230Vac)...20A max/40A max
Input EMI Filter CISPR 11 Class B

Environmental Specifications
Operational Temperature
0 to 70 C
Storage Temperature
-25 to 75 C
5-95%, non-condensing
10,000 feet with appropriate cooling
MIL-STD-810C, Method 514.2, Category f, Procedure VIII, 2.0G maximum at 5-200 Hz.
MIL-STD-810C, Method 516.2, Category f, Procedure I, 3 shocks per axis/ each direction, 11 mSec half sine at 15 Gs peak
Output Specifications
Line/Load Regulation (outputs 1 & 2) 1% nominal
(outputs 3,4, 5 & 6) 3% nominal
Ripple all outputs 20 mV peak-to-peak
Hold-Up Time 30 mSec
Temperature Coefficient 0.05%/degree C
Overload Protection Fold back with automatic recovery
Thermal Protection Fold back with automatic recovery
OverVoltage Protection on all outputs
Power Good Signal available on specific units
AC Power Fail Detect available on specific units
Remote Sense available on specific units

General Specifications
Transient Response
500 uSec to settle to within 1% of the final value
after a 25% load step.
250 kHz Resonant Frequency

Safety Agency Certifications
EN 60601.1/60950/61000-3-2/3

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